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Monday, August 17, 2009

A quick update!

So apparently I have been neglecting my blog a lot lately. Does anyone even read my blogs? Haa Well I still plan on moving my blog with the help of a friend, so it is up to my friend's timing... hopefully soon. Any who I had my wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday and I had no pain until the 3rd day. Yesterday I had a terrible migraine, but it has let up today.

I did not reach my goal of 40 sales by my 2 month mark which was August 15th unless I count the 14 sales outside of Etsy. In that case I exceeded it by 12, and even exceeded my desired goal by 2.

I have over 100 fans on facebook now, so I have my URL!!! Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/modmomME I did the drawing for the $15 gift certificate and Heather Petoskey won! She chose a nursing cover from my shop. Congrats to Heather!

Hubby is working on a new sewing desk for me. I will post pictures when he is finished!

Monday, August 3, 2009

30 Sales and A New Goal!

Yesterday I made my 30th sale! I was very excited about that and I still am. I have made a new goal for myself and that is to get 40 sales by August 15th, which marks 2 months of being opened! Do you think I can do this? I was aiming for 50, but I did not want to expect too much and then be disappointed. I would be extremely happy with 40 sales by that time... truth be told I would be happy with 1 more sale by that time. Thank you to all of my readers and those of you who have purchased from mod momME! I am extremely grateful to you and so is my family.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clutch Give-away hosted by Spearmint Baby!

You have to check out this blog give-away hosted by Spearmint Baby. The give-away is for you choice of over 100 clutches from Mod Dot Textiles! I am telling you these are super cute!