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Monday, August 17, 2009

A quick update!

So apparently I have been neglecting my blog a lot lately. Does anyone even read my blogs? Haa Well I still plan on moving my blog with the help of a friend, so it is up to my friend's timing... hopefully soon. Any who I had my wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday and I had no pain until the 3rd day. Yesterday I had a terrible migraine, but it has let up today.

I did not reach my goal of 40 sales by my 2 month mark which was August 15th unless I count the 14 sales outside of Etsy. In that case I exceeded it by 12, and even exceeded my desired goal by 2.

I have over 100 fans on facebook now, so I have my URL!!! Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/modmomME I did the drawing for the $15 gift certificate and Heather Petoskey won! She chose a nursing cover from my shop. Congrats to Heather!

Hubby is working on a new sewing desk for me. I will post pictures when he is finished!

Monday, August 3, 2009

30 Sales and A New Goal!

Yesterday I made my 30th sale! I was very excited about that and I still am. I have made a new goal for myself and that is to get 40 sales by August 15th, which marks 2 months of being opened! Do you think I can do this? I was aiming for 50, but I did not want to expect too much and then be disappointed. I would be extremely happy with 40 sales by that time... truth be told I would be happy with 1 more sale by that time. Thank you to all of my readers and those of you who have purchased from mod momME! I am extremely grateful to you and so is my family.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clutch Give-away hosted by Spearmint Baby!

You have to check out this blog give-away hosted by Spearmint Baby. The give-away is for you choice of over 100 clutches from Mod Dot Textiles! I am telling you these are super cute!

Friday, July 31, 2009

FB Fan Page Give-away etc

I am 38 fans away from 100! Once I hit 100 fans I can get my own FB fan page URL. I need your help in doing this. I am having a give-away once I get to 100 fans as a way of thanking all of my fans for their support.

As a mod momME FB fan you automatically have 1 entry. To get more entries...

* Refer a friend to who becomes a mod momME fan= 2 entries (be sure they tell me who referred them)
* Make a purchase from my shop= 5 entries (mention this in the buyer notes)
* Refer a friend who makes a purchase from my shop= 3 entries (have them mention this in buyer notes or you convo/message me letting me know)

What will you win? One lucky fan will win a $15 gift certificate to mod momME. Please tell your friends!

Shipping charges are not covered!

Ok, many of people have asked me about my graphics or have expressed interest in using my graphic designer! Well, Erin had her baby earlier this month and has informed me she will begin creating and taking custom orders on Monday!!! She is phenomenal, so if your shop or blog needs a facelift or if you need anything graphics related please check her shop here.

Now... I had every intention of having brand new items in my store by now, but I am still waiting on some supplies to arrive so that I can create these items. I will try to keep everyone updated on the status! I have listed new key fobs and new bags in many fabric choices. I will probably have even more to choose soon from as I am a fabricoholic!

Lastly, I have been trying to do my best to keep up with all the wonderful teams I am a part of. Most likely my blog will look a little different as I add team buttons to the sidebar and organize a little bit. I just hope I do not mess up the whole setup!

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's been awhile!

I know I have completely put off writing on my blog and I am sorry. Life has been crazy, sad, exciting and overwhelming, so I have a lot to share. Go get the pop corn and some tissues. I will start with the sad news that still brings me to tears.

Etsy lost a wonderful person last Saturday in a white water rafting accident. ChromaSmear was well known by Etsy chatters and was well loved. I do not think a single person could say 1 bad thing about her! She was always helping and encouraging others. I was working with her on donations for boxes that would benefit animal shelters in Canada and the US. Chroma had a passion and a love for animals like I have never seen. I feel that it is my duty to carry on her work and while I cannot do much I am donating 10% of my Dispose a Diaper/Doggie Poo Bag sales to a local animal shelter. I just made a sale, which means I have the first .99 cents that will be donated in Chroma's memory! I am very excited about it too.

The same day ChromaSmear passed away I got to hang out with some awesome ladies. I met MissMooseDesign (Missy) earlier last week as she came over with V for a play date and lunch with Kameron and Kallee. The kids enjoyed their time together I think and I enjoy Missy's company. CowlickCutie (Jenny) came to my house Saturday afternoon to pick me up, so we could go to Missy's house the the crab broil! I don't think Missy expected us to show up, but I am glad we did. Jenny and I ate more than our fair share of crab legs. We could not say no. Missy's family is awesome. I never felt like an outsider while I was there because everyone acted like they knew me and like I belonged. It was a wonderful feeling. Her dad rocks! He is crazy, but you gotta love crazy. He drove us around on a golf cart going as fast as he possibly could. I think we were airborne a few times. It was fun even though he ran into a tree branch that ended up smacking me in the back of the head. That was almost as funny as Jenny's goat call. The goat whisperer has some talent. I love these ladies and I am happy to call them my friends!!!

Lastly, my family is going through quite a few "storms" lately, so please keep us in your prayers. It is a tough spot to be in, but I am doing my best to "Let go and let God!" Some times I need a reminder of that that. Casting Crowns, "I will Praise You in This Storm" is an awesome song that helps me remember to hold onto my faith in God!