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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 2 1/2 yr is OCD!

My little boy has been on my mind because he is sick right now and is not himself. His tummy hurts and he is running a fever, so I am staying up with him until it breaks. In the meantime I wanted to share some info with my readers about my little boy. First you must know that both his daddy and I are perfectionist with most things. I figured he would be this way as well, but not at 2 1/2 yrs old!

He amazes me with his knowledge every day! The other day he pointed at a triangle and said "mommy that triangle is broken!" I was floored... Sesame Street is paying off for us and so are the movies "Your Baby Can Read!" I highly recommend them. Kameron is ALWAYS asking to watch them and he has learned a lot from them. A few months back we were at KFC and his daddy asked him what he wanted to drink. Kameron pointed to the spout on the drink fountain that said water and said "uhhhh I want water daddy!" Our only assumption is that he new what the word water looked like!

Any way.. here is a picture of his tool toys that he lined up.

It looks like an arrow from a bow and arrow! He lines up his cars, flash cards, blocks, and anything else he finds! He gets so mad when Kallee messes them up and you can see how frustrated he is. That is the part that worries me. He is in a complete trance and if you interrupt his little world he gets so mad he clinches he teeth and will hit! I guess he has my lack of patience.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I was tagged!

I was tagged by SavvyStitcher. I must now share 10 facts about myself with my readers and tag 10 of you to do the same. So here is goes...

1. I only began sewing in February of this year because I wanted to make dresses and tutus for my daughter and purses for myself. I taught myself and caught on quickly. My grandma would be proud.
2. I am not a very patient person, but my children are teaching me to be more patient.
3. I could eat Chik-fil-a every day. I love their chicken... yummy!
4. I love reality tv shows, One Tree Hill, 90210, House, Private Practice, and Desperate Housewives.
5. I am obsessed with taking pictures of my beautiful babies. I take a couple hundred pictures every month.
6. My biggest pet peeves are hearing someone hack a loogie, loudly blowing their nose, smacking, and teeth scrapping against eating utensils.
7. I HATE cotton balls *cringes* I cannot feel, hear, or see anyone pull them apart. eck!
8. I am addicted to Dr.Pepper or Mr.Pibb. I use it to control my migraines and it has helped tremendously.
9. I come from a large family 3 half sisters and 5 half brothers.
10. I love watching a good comedy as I love to laugh!

Alrighty... now I tag
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Treasury West

For the past few days I have been marking items for the treasury I wanted to put together. I chose "My Chocolate Blue Obsession" for my theme and found some wonderful items. I even included my teal and brown dispose a diaper bag. You should check it out and let me know what you think My Chocolate Blue Obsession!
Sales are still coming in and I am excited about where mod momME is going. I would love to hear more feedback from my readers and followers to see what you think and what you would like me to have in my shop.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog Giveaway Results & a Thank you

Thank you to all of you who entered my first blog giveaway. So, you want to know who won? Drum role please... The winner of the blog giveaway selected via random.org is comment #6 the Brooks family. Congratulations Brooks family, please let me know how you would like to use your $5 at mod momME!

This has been a wonderful week so far. I opened shop Monday, was shown lots of love and had 5 sales that day! Since then I have made 4 other sales on Etsy and 1 sale outside of Etsy. I appreciate all of my customers and all of you who have encouraged me and supported me through this whole process. I was somewhat hesitant to put all my efforts into mod momME because I was afraid of failing, but all of you have made if worth the worry and loss of sleep. Thank you so much! I feel as though I have the best customers and friends. You have no idea how much all of you mean to me.

I sincerely hope all of you enjoy my items. I am always looking to do something new and want my items to make your life a little easier, so please let me know what you would like to see at mod momME next! Thanks again to each of you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Blog Giveaway

Yes! I am doing a blog giveaway- everyone else is doing it, so why not? My original thought was to select an item to give away and then I decided it would be best to let you pick any $5 item in my store or $5 towards you purchase of anything in my store with FREE shipping. So, how do you enter to win this blog giveaway?

1. Follow my blog
2. Post a link to my blog on your blog, twitter, facebook, or myspace (each one gets you another entry)
3. Comment this post showing me where you posted the link--- leave a separate comment for each entry
4. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won!

I will randomly select a comment number via http://www.random.org/

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dispose a diaper bag/keychain

I am so excited about this creation. I just listed the Dispose a Diaper bag/key chain to my etsy store. This is probably one of the most practical items in my shop! As fellow mothers know you are not allowed to dispose of your child's diaper in doctor offices. You must bag it and bring it home with you, which mean you must bring bags with you or depend on the staff to get you one. The Dispose a d Diaper bag/key chain simply clips to you keys via the small split ring. You can also clip it to the inside of your diaper bag etc. I would love some feedback from my readers! I am excited to see what you have to say.

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Official www.modmomME.etsy is OPEN!

So, I stayed up late uploading and listing my items and now it is all done. Before I could finish listing I made my first sale!!! It was for a very cute nursing clip, but I am happy to have broken the ice and made that first sale. I am grateful to my first customer and for being my first customer she gets FREE shipping on her next order. There are other gifts for randomly selected customers, so check out my store and see what you like! I am researching a way to set up a registry- that would be awesome huh? Thanks again for all your support!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grand Opening of www.modmomME.etsy.com

OMG! I cannot believe it is almost here. I am so incredibly excited about opening my shop tomorrow. It is going to be hard to let many of the items go as I wish I could keep them for myself. Thank you all for your support through this whole process. It means so much to me!

So, do you want to know what special discounts followers/fans will get this week? First, the scoop... Tomorrow I will be listing nursing covers, nursing clips, paci clips, bib clips, and key fobs. All items will be $5 except the nursing covers, which will be $20! As a fan/follower you can buy any 3 $5 item and get 1 FREE. All orders of $50 or more is FREE shipping! Also, I will be randomly selecting customers and you will receive a FREE gift from me. Please be sure and favorite some of my store items, so that I can assure you will like the gift I send you. In order to qualify for ANY of these discounts simply put the items in you cart and follow the prompts, but do not pay for your item until I can adjust your paypal invoice to reflect the corresponding discounts.

If you like what you see, but have a different fabric, ribbon, or theme in mind convo me I we can discuss a custom order!

If you do not already have an etsy account sign up- it's completely FREE to do so. Please be sure to mention that modmomME referred you. Tell your friends about www.modmomME.etsy.com and receive future discounts for my store. They need to let me know you referred them. Lastly, make sure to tell them to follow me, so they can benefit with fan/follower discounts as well.

Alright, I guess that sums everything up. I must go and tie up the lose ends and finish preparing for tomorrow. Thanks again for all the support!

Friday, June 12, 2009

eDub Blog Give-away

My friend Erin, the lady who did all my beautiful graphic design work is having a fun little blog give away. Want in? Sure you do... Go to her blog eDub Blog Give-Away leave her a comment guessing her baby's birth day, follow her blog, and post a link to her blog on your blog. Be sure and check out all her great work. After Erin recovers she will announce the winner. You don't want to miss out.She is definitely someone to watch and has an abundance of creativity! Go on already! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

modmomME.etsy.com will be opening very soon

Yes, it is true. I finally have enough items ready to open my shop. I am currently waiting on my business cards and packaging materials to arrive. The next step is to take some great pictures of my items and list them. Be sure you following me on here, twitter, or facebook to receive exclusive discounts!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Moving along!

This weekend has been fairly productive for me. My husband, the kids, and I went to my MIL's so that Jason could fix a leaky bay window for his mom. I brought my sewing machine with me hoping to sew! I was fortunate enough to have my MIL watch the babies and I actually got quite a bit done. I have nearly 30 (total-not each) nursing clips, bib clips, and paci straps finished (minus the labels). And I have 5 nursing covers completed- minus the labels on 3 of them! I also have a tote bag which just needs a label and straps (it matched one of the nursing covers I made). I am very happy with the progress and I am finally regaining some energy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

It is all in my hands now!

Well all the details for the graphic design are over now. :( Yes I am actually sad because I enjoyed the whole process of deciding what I wanted and working with Erin to make it happen. She has done a lot for me... my logo design, Etsy banner and avatar design, business card design, blog design, custom packaging design cards, coupon/gift certificate design. She even made me that button to the right just because! I know I am cheesy. I truly am having withdrawals because now it is all up to me. I guess I am scared about it all and the possibility of failure and rejection. Right now I should be sewing, but I am too high strung and overwhelmed. Tonight has not been a complete waste of time because I did print my sewing labels. They are drying as I blog! I guess I need a pick me up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love the NEW look!

Erin, has amazed me again with this blog design. I just LOVE it! She is incredibly talented.

This whole HTML is over my head, so I recruited a good friend to help me out. He is still learning himself, but he certainly knows more than me. Now... I just need to research these neat widgets and applications. Anyone know how to add facebook and twitter to the bottom of every post... like below my signature!?

Speaking of my signature... isn't it adorable? I created the original signature and it was very unclean and the colors were off terribly. Erin cleaned it up, made it pretty, and added the dots. I love the effect the dots have on the signature! :)

Well I must go. My Kallee is being relentless and refuses to go to sleep. She needs her mommy!

Check Erin out http://www.edub.etsy.com and http://www.edubgraphicdesign.blogspot.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow Progress

Yesterday, I was not able to get a nap- boo! The good news is that I was able to get some sewing done. I have completed a few bib clips and nursing clips! Today, I plan on making more bib clips and nursing clips, as well as some sippy straps and paci clips, but all depends on my babies.

Speaking of my babies... my oldest has no idea how much power he has in his bottom lip. Last night we were in the kitchen and he was crawling in the dishwasher after daddy told him not to. I also told him to get out and he looked at both of us and spit like a llama. This is not the first time he has done this and he knows better. We have tried everything. Jason attempted to clean his mouth out with soap the other day and Kameron actually enjoyed it! I absolutely do not approve of the spitting. It is disrespectful and rude. So, I am standing there wondering, "what do I do?" I lean over to get on his level, face to face with him. He looks away and in a stern voice I said, "Kameron look at mommy!" He glares up at me a little cocky, but somewhat scared and I say, "Kameron, mommy and daddy do not like you spitting. It's not nice!" He spits again and sticks that tongue way out, so I grab it. I didn't hurt him. I then said, "if you keep spitting like this mommy is going to take your tongue just like I take the toys you fight over!" After letting go of his tongue he sticks his bottom lip out and does that sniffle cry and says, "I say I sowwy to mommy.... I say I sowwy to daddy!" I hate the poutty lip because it holds so much power! I took him in my arms and I told him I was sorry for holding his tongue and using the scary mommy voice, but mommy just wants him to behave like a good boy. By this time he was eye balling the cupcakes. "I wanna cupcake, mommy!" Any way, I am hoping he is over the spitting.

Now, my baby girl is being sweeter and cuter than ever, which is good since Kameron has officially hit the terrible 2 stage. Well Kallee loves the phone and she loves her daddy. She picked up the cell phone yesterday morning and put it to her ear. "Hi, dada...(baby babble... lots of it followed by some laughing!) bye bye dada." She then slobbers all over the phone and brings it to me, waves and says "bye bye dada." I love this sweet innocent stage!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I miss nap time!

The whole lack of sleep is really catching up to me this morning. Last night was another sleepless night. Kameron swears there are monsters in his room and Kallee had a hard time with her ear. I think we also did too much this weekend.

On Saturday Jason, Kameron, and I went to the lake with Pawpaw while Kallee stayed with Granny. I thought we would enjoy a peaceful day on the lake, but I somehow I forgot how much energy is wrapped up in my little 2 year old. Apparently we didn't learn our lesson either because we also attended Jason's cousins graduation party where there were 50 people in 1 crowded house. Kameron got a kick out of running through the crowd because he knew how difficult it was for us to catch him!

We stayed 2 hours and that was enough for us to want a permanent vacation. He found a secret stash of chocolate in a glass jar which he proceeded to open with a pair of sissors he found. Daddy caught him. Kameron decided he would help himself to the food. Across the room I saw him grab some doritos, lick his hands, and put them back in the bowl! I gave my husband that look and he knew what it meant. Like I said it was crowded and Kameron was on the other side of the table, so Jason ducked under the table and grabbed our 2 year old up. We got some interesting looks, but you have to be creative with a fireball like him in a situation like this! He then went into the living room where they apparently had some m & m's at his level. He looked at me, smiled, grabbed two heaping handfuls, and ran off. I was on my way to change Kallee, so I ran into him in one of the bedrooms. I tried grabbing them from him but he shoved a handful in his mouth and ran like the wind. My father in law tells me that Kameron ran to him choking on the mouthful of m & m's, which he spit in my father in laws hand. He took a breath and shoved the other handful of m & m's in his mouth! It took my father in law, Jason, and myself to keep up with Kameron at that party. I am sure there is chocolate and cheese on several surfaces throughout their house. When we said good bye everyone told us, "you got you hands full with that one!" "Yes we know!" I didn't say what I really wanted to say, which was "next time we will bring his leash!" I know that would not go over well, but I am sure "next time we will bring his crate," is much worse!I vow to take a nap today granted I get both my kids down for a nap at the same time. We will see how that plan goes.