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Friday, May 29, 2009

How to tame a 2 year old.

I told myself I would not use this blog for personal use, but I think it is okay considering my business is for fellow mommy's! I love reading stories from other mommies about their kids and the crazy things they tend to do.

So, how do you tame a 2 year old you ask!? The answer is quite simple and I know first hand that it works. Ok, ok I will tell you already. You simply leave a carseat in their playroom! Carseats are not fun when using them as they are intended to be used... in a car, but take the carseat out and it's surprisingly interesting. My 2 year old decided he wanted to sit in his carseat and buckle it up, but soon after accomplishing his goal he began crying "I'm stuck mommy!" Oh no he forgot that he does not know how to UNBUCKLE himself. At first I got up really quickly and went to him, but then I turned around and said to myself, "hmmm this could work... I am not the one who put him in there so I am not the bad guy... he has been a pest lately spitting, hitting, yelling, and saying "no".. he can stay in there a little while, right? Afterall he is the one who thought it looked like fun... who am I to take fun from a 2 year old?" YES! I let him out, but it was nice while it lasted. I can always count on him to make me laugh even in the midst of his oh so terrible 2 stage!

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