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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Running on empty!

I have every intention of getting mod momME off the ground, but lately it seems like I lack the energy to create. Right now both of my babies are in bed and I am blogging. Why am I not sewing? I am too drained to create and sew and I know that if I were sewing now I would not be giving my all. Why am I so drained?

For the past few weeks I have been taking care of my 1 year old who has been ill. Right after she turned one on May 6th she got her first tooth. She was terribly fussying and she just wanted to be held. She then started running a fever that would not break. It actually got up to 104.6 and I knew there was something more to her fussiness. I took her to her pediatrician and was told she had Roseolla and 2 severe ear infections. It was so terrible that she had to get 3 days of antibiotic shots. We returned to the doctor 1 week later to find out that one ear had healed, but the other is still terribly infected. She also developed a yeast infection due to the antibiotics. I feel so bad for her, but I am so exhausted. I have had to hold her for almost 2 weeks straight now. It seems that only mommy has the nurturing touch she needs. If she is not better in 2 weeks she will need to see an ENT and get tubes in her ears. If all of that was not enough for my poor baby she may also need a pancreatic stimulation. She does not gain and maintain weight very well just like her brother. Her stool sample tests came back and there are issues with her food absorption just like her brother. We will be running the stool sample tests again in 2 weeks granted she is feeling better and is off the antibiotics. I am not a pessimist in any way, but I am pretty sure she will have to have the pancreatic stimulation because we went through the same tests and procedures with her brother. His pancreatic stimulation showed that he does not produce enough enzymes to digest and absorb food properly. He now has to take digestive enzymes with all meals and snacks. I think we are all so sick and tired of doctor appointments. It is mentally and physically draining.

Any way I desperately want to regain my energy so that I can create and sew! I haven't sewed in so long and I feel like I have not completed anything even though I have. I have been taking care of all the behind the scenes items like ordering supplies, working with a designer for my logo, etsy banner, etsy avatar, business card design, blog design, and all the other research that goes along with starting an etsy business. Soon my baby girl will be feeling better; I will regain my energy; and I will start creating and sewing away!

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