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Monday, June 1, 2009

I miss nap time!

The whole lack of sleep is really catching up to me this morning. Last night was another sleepless night. Kameron swears there are monsters in his room and Kallee had a hard time with her ear. I think we also did too much this weekend.

On Saturday Jason, Kameron, and I went to the lake with Pawpaw while Kallee stayed with Granny. I thought we would enjoy a peaceful day on the lake, but I somehow I forgot how much energy is wrapped up in my little 2 year old. Apparently we didn't learn our lesson either because we also attended Jason's cousins graduation party where there were 50 people in 1 crowded house. Kameron got a kick out of running through the crowd because he knew how difficult it was for us to catch him!

We stayed 2 hours and that was enough for us to want a permanent vacation. He found a secret stash of chocolate in a glass jar which he proceeded to open with a pair of sissors he found. Daddy caught him. Kameron decided he would help himself to the food. Across the room I saw him grab some doritos, lick his hands, and put them back in the bowl! I gave my husband that look and he knew what it meant. Like I said it was crowded and Kameron was on the other side of the table, so Jason ducked under the table and grabbed our 2 year old up. We got some interesting looks, but you have to be creative with a fireball like him in a situation like this! He then went into the living room where they apparently had some m & m's at his level. He looked at me, smiled, grabbed two heaping handfuls, and ran off. I was on my way to change Kallee, so I ran into him in one of the bedrooms. I tried grabbing them from him but he shoved a handful in his mouth and ran like the wind. My father in law tells me that Kameron ran to him choking on the mouthful of m & m's, which he spit in my father in laws hand. He took a breath and shoved the other handful of m & m's in his mouth! It took my father in law, Jason, and myself to keep up with Kameron at that party. I am sure there is chocolate and cheese on several surfaces throughout their house. When we said good bye everyone told us, "you got you hands full with that one!" "Yes we know!" I didn't say what I really wanted to say, which was "next time we will bring his leash!" I know that would not go over well, but I am sure "next time we will bring his crate," is much worse!I vow to take a nap today granted I get both my kids down for a nap at the same time. We will see how that plan goes.

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