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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paradise found on Etsy!

I thought I would start doing some Etsy finds and posting them on my blog! I am not sure I can commit to doing this every week, but I will try. I started out with a few of my favorites and then soon realized that they remind me of the beach, so I made it my theme. I LOVE each of these items. The only downside is that now I want to go to the beach even more.

1.Coconut Cream 2 oz Vigorous Sugar Scrub Sample Trial Travel SizeI traded a zebra print dispose a diaper bag for this sugar scrub. It is amazing! I could smell coconut as I walked to my mailbox to get it.
2.SeaShell WindChime
3.Paradise Reef - Larimar and White Coral Branch Pure Silver Karen Hills Tribe Starfish 4 in 1 Interchangeable Y Necklace

4.Turquoise summer purse
5.Cocoa Brown Spring/Summer Crochet Shrug
6.FEET RETREAT The Original Sea Glass Flip Flops White Sea Glass and Turqoise Swavorski Crystals BLING Size 6
7.Cocoa Jungle - Chunky Bracelet I listed this beautiful bracelet in a past treasury, but I love it so much I am posting it here!

What do you think of my finds?

1 comment:

  1. My scrub! That was an awesome trade. I cant wait for the baby to come so I can use them dispose a diaper bag!