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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wild Thang... you make my heart sing!

Well I have been holding onto my brown and cream zebra print fabric for awhile now. My intentions were to make a cute purse for myself using a pattern I still need to make! I have a sketch! It seems that the zebra print is very popular though, so I think it is best to share it with everyone else. This is such a popular fabric that it is on backorder for most shops.

I decided to make one of my oh so adorable Dispose a Diaper Bags© with it and a matching key fob. I quickly took the photos and uploaded them to Etsy even though I am tempted to keep them for myself! Would that be such a bad thing if I did? I think that this print is probably my favorite. What do you think of it? I might I have enough to make myself a purse still... if not "Wild thang... you make my heart sing! And I will miss you my beautiful brown and cream zebra print fabric!"


  1. Cute cute fabric!! Hope your baby is doing better!

  2. I dig these, they're really cool.