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Friday, June 5, 2009

It is all in my hands now!

Well all the details for the graphic design are over now. :( Yes I am actually sad because I enjoyed the whole process of deciding what I wanted and working with Erin to make it happen. She has done a lot for me... my logo design, Etsy banner and avatar design, business card design, blog design, custom packaging design cards, coupon/gift certificate design. She even made me that button to the right just because! I know I am cheesy. I truly am having withdrawals because now it is all up to me. I guess I am scared about it all and the possibility of failure and rejection. Right now I should be sewing, but I am too high strung and overwhelmed. Tonight has not been a complete waste of time because I did print my sewing labels. They are drying as I blog! I guess I need a pick me up.

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  1. I'm sad too! It's been so fun to work with you, and I'm so pleased with the way everything turned out! Will definitely keep in touch and I need to show you pictures of the baby :)