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Monday, June 29, 2009

I was tagged!

I was tagged by SavvyStitcher. I must now share 10 facts about myself with my readers and tag 10 of you to do the same. So here is goes...

1. I only began sewing in February of this year because I wanted to make dresses and tutus for my daughter and purses for myself. I taught myself and caught on quickly. My grandma would be proud.
2. I am not a very patient person, but my children are teaching me to be more patient.
3. I could eat Chik-fil-a every day. I love their chicken... yummy!
4. I love reality tv shows, One Tree Hill, 90210, House, Private Practice, and Desperate Housewives.
5. I am obsessed with taking pictures of my beautiful babies. I take a couple hundred pictures every month.
6. My biggest pet peeves are hearing someone hack a loogie, loudly blowing their nose, smacking, and teeth scrapping against eating utensils.
7. I HATE cotton balls *cringes* I cannot feel, hear, or see anyone pull them apart. eck!
8. I am addicted to Dr.Pepper or Mr.Pibb. I use it to control my migraines and it has helped tremendously.
9. I come from a large family 3 half sisters and 5 half brothers.
10. I love watching a good comedy as I love to laugh!

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