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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slow Progress

Yesterday, I was not able to get a nap- boo! The good news is that I was able to get some sewing done. I have completed a few bib clips and nursing clips! Today, I plan on making more bib clips and nursing clips, as well as some sippy straps and paci clips, but all depends on my babies.

Speaking of my babies... my oldest has no idea how much power he has in his bottom lip. Last night we were in the kitchen and he was crawling in the dishwasher after daddy told him not to. I also told him to get out and he looked at both of us and spit like a llama. This is not the first time he has done this and he knows better. We have tried everything. Jason attempted to clean his mouth out with soap the other day and Kameron actually enjoyed it! I absolutely do not approve of the spitting. It is disrespectful and rude. So, I am standing there wondering, "what do I do?" I lean over to get on his level, face to face with him. He looks away and in a stern voice I said, "Kameron look at mommy!" He glares up at me a little cocky, but somewhat scared and I say, "Kameron, mommy and daddy do not like you spitting. It's not nice!" He spits again and sticks that tongue way out, so I grab it. I didn't hurt him. I then said, "if you keep spitting like this mommy is going to take your tongue just like I take the toys you fight over!" After letting go of his tongue he sticks his bottom lip out and does that sniffle cry and says, "I say I sowwy to mommy.... I say I sowwy to daddy!" I hate the poutty lip because it holds so much power! I took him in my arms and I told him I was sorry for holding his tongue and using the scary mommy voice, but mommy just wants him to behave like a good boy. By this time he was eye balling the cupcakes. "I wanna cupcake, mommy!" Any way, I am hoping he is over the spitting.

Now, my baby girl is being sweeter and cuter than ever, which is good since Kameron has officially hit the terrible 2 stage. Well Kallee loves the phone and she loves her daddy. She picked up the cell phone yesterday morning and put it to her ear. "Hi, dada...(baby babble... lots of it followed by some laughing!) bye bye dada." She then slobbers all over the phone and brings it to me, waves and says "bye bye dada." I love this sweet innocent stage!


  1. Thanks....it was all because of your great help! Good Luck with everything